coworking space & event


KnwoLab is a workplace for all entrepreneurs, students, freelancers, startups, independents.

More than that, empower your knowledge and skill with weekly workshops and be part of our positive and creative community !

the best place to develop your projects

What’s more frustrating than working alone, from your house. Kick that awfull routine and come join hundreds of people like you who want to succeed. Take advantage of our creative envrionment, share and energize with other coworkers.

Oh, and by the way, coffee is free !

Event : Happy Hour !

Grab a cup of coffee and a toast, choose a confy chair and share your experience and thoughts with the others coworkers. Every week. Don’t miss it !

Workshop : Let's Talk

The best way to learn a language is to… speak ! Come join our friendly workshop and start improve your languages skills with our trainers ! Oui monsieur !

Workshop : Digital Day

A weekly workshop about digital knowledge. The best way to stay connected with the latest trends and technology and implemnt it in your projetcs

Event : Sparkle

Sometimes, you need this extra bit of motivation to unlock a problem. Sparkle is for you. You ‘ll have the opportunity to listen to motivantional and inspirational speakers. Live.

never be alone. we’re here to help you achieve your goals

Lauching your society, writing a book, building an online store, create a new app… With all the Knowlab’s services, all your projects become easier. Funnier.

Imprimante, scanner, photocopie –

Water – Tea – Coffee – Juice

Modern Desks
Nomadic Desks. Comfy Chair and Sofa.
Kitchen Corner

Fridge. MicroWave. Kettle. Toaster. Mugs & more

Inside the Knowlab
Books and Play
Conference Room + Beamer
To work in group – Beamer
Books and Play
Books and Play in different languages
Weekly Workshop
Empower your knowledge with thematic workshop (digital, languages, etc…)
Weekly Events
Come and meet other coworkers. Share experience. Be inspired
Design Services
We help you create logo, business card, flyer, brochure, website and more
Translation Services
We help you translate any document, in 6 languages.

Why we are different

It’s not just a workspace. It’s a place where you’ll be happy to come everyday. To work on the project you love. And share you’re experiences, success and failures with people like you.

You’ll never feel alone. And each week, you’ll participate to workshop and event that will get you closer to your goals.

You’ll be part of a community that will fill you heart. Truly

visit our workspace !

We already know your reaction : you’ll like it !

It’s easy. If you’re looking for a creative place with amazing people to acheive your goals, learn every day and live a unique social experience. Knwolab is for you. And yeah, even if it sounds crazy, we’re based in Algeria.

At Medea (pretty crazy huuh ?)

empower your project. Live a unique experince
 join our community !

Be sure to secure your place with us. We would love to have you all. But only early birds catch the worm