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languages center

Cutting edge methodologies and targeted strategies used to make you learn the language of your choice in the best conditions

training center

Boost your career or acquire new skills for the academic, professional and personal life


Authentic translation of documents (business, medical, academic, personal, etc.) for companies and individuals.

Learning a new language

For business, traveling, academic or professional purposes. Almaahed experienced team is here to help you.

Get new skills 

Trainings are the best way to boost one’s career or start right in the best conditions. 

Translation office  

For all your documents, our team of accredited professionals is ready to deliver the best in a timely fashion 

AlMaahed : unique in Algeria

Our services and the professionals that accompany you are unique in Algeria and are the best in their fields  

local kick off

The history of Almaahed started in 2012 in Médéa

national development

Every week, we organize trainings in different regions in the country 

international accreditation

Our services are exported everywhere around the globe

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